The “Prom” business is done in a short period of time from February to May.  In that time, a lot of sales is generated.  I wanted to get more exposure for our prom lines so I asked you to make a new website for me called “Prom-elicious” by Princess Brides.

During the period from February to May, the hits I receive are in the thousands.  I received many many phone calls and emails regarding the styles that the girls see online.  Many have entered the contest that we have every year for a FREE Giveaway Dress.  Our site is getting more and more popular and the numbers are getting better and better.

I truly believe that without the Prom-elicious website, I would not be getting the same exposure for Princess Brides. 

Again, the CMS is terrific…so easy to use and user friendly.  If I can do it, anyone can.

Thank you again for your creativity, conscientiousness, and patience.