Princess Brides


From the day we sat to have our first consultation meeting, I sensed a sincere desire on your part to help me. 

I had my Princess Brides website for over 10 years and with very few changes.  My webmaster then would charge for every change that I made to my site. 

Today, I have “The Best Bridal Wear” website in Hawaii and comparable to the best on the mainland.  My hits were in the hundreds before and now it is in the thousands. 
The new website has definitely brought me more traffic and online inquiries from all over the world.  I have sold wedding dresses to Normay, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Japan, Guam, and Australia. 

Your CMS is terrific and you keep improving it all the time.  I can make changes to text, change out/add photos, create new pages, etc. by myself and not have to pay a webmaster for all the little changes that I make. 

CREATIVITY: Websight Projects is so talented and creative.  I feel very confident to just tell you what I want and you have come through every time.